Managing Partner

Joel Larson

Joel has been managing partner of MedVenture Health since 2015. He has many years of experience in managing a variety of platforms in real estate, financial analysis, budgeting, property and asset management. Joel is currently the CEO of Wasatch Acquisition & Capital, part of the Wasatch Group, and has been with Wasatch for the past 20 years. As CEO, he oversees the divisional operations and venture capital investments for many of Wasatch Group’s portfolio assets.

Joel is passionate about working with businesses to help them grow in capacity and financial stability and loves discovering ways to overcome unique business challenges when they arise. He loves to find new and innovative solutions to problems and capitalize on those opportunities to find success in business. Prior to the Wasatch Group, Joel worked for Deloitte in Houston, TX while completing his certification as a licensed CPA. Joel received his Masters of Accounting from Utah State University in Logan, Utah.